Ultra-low Temperature Air Source Heat Pump(Multi-use & High Temperature)

20-110 TR 70-180 KW

HiCoolac Ultra-low Temperature Air Source Heat Pump(Multi-use & High Temperature)integrates central air-conditioning and domestic hot water, and can operate efficiently at -20°C. It is an efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for economical cooling, heating and hot water supply.

    ▪ Starting small. Thinking better understanding of user needs Air conditioning can give you comfortable living environment, air source heat pump, can meet your daily hot water needs But the comfortabl living environment + the demand for domestic hot water means that users need to spend more on investment and electricity costs. And the air-conditioning and heat pump are independent, whic means they need more space for building units and installing pipes.

    ▪ As a manufacturer and service provider of air conditioners, HiCoolac has been looking for solutions to reduce the cost of cold and hot demand for users' lives, and to target our research and development results to the market, allowing users to meet the hot and cold needs of life with lower investment and electricity costs.

    ▪ HiCoolac Clean Energy Solution is a combination of renewable energy and energy efficiency HiCoolac has been researching the technical and economic feasibility of renewable energy and energy efficiency, pioneering research and development of central air conditioning + heat pump systems.

    ▪ It can realize five functions of cooling, heating, hot water,cooling + hot water, heating + hot water function, COP>5.5 and can provide hot water above 75 °C.

    ▪ Unique energy combination method, diversified functions, and high-efficiency performance, meet the user's daily hot and cold needs with the lowest energy cost, making life more intelligent an convenient.

    ▪ Break through the cold- Ultra-low temperature air source heat pump (multi-use& high temperature) HiCoolac has been working hard to develop the advanced technology for the efficient operation of the air conditioning -heat pump system in the cold climate area. Using advanced EVI technology and the new and efficient heat transfer system,  HiCoolac's ultra-low temperature air source heat pump (multi-use & high temperature) can run efficiently in the environment of -20 C ~40 C.

    ▪ Save on the investment and use cost of central heating and hot water equipment, perfectly address the peak energy demand and provide a variety of hot and cold functions.

  • Working Principle
  • Product Features
  • Product Advantage
  • Application range
  • A combination of central air conditioning and heat pump, 5 functions can be operated separately or in dual function.

  • Using advanced EVI technology and using a new and efficient heat exchange system,the air-cooled heat pump method fully absorbs the heat in the ambient air, so that the system provides higher heating capacity at low evaporation temperature, and provides hot water of above 75 ℃ high temperature..

  • Diversified functions: cooling, heating, hot water, cooling + hot water, heating + hot water.

  • Wide range of work conditions: -20°C~40°C.

  • Efficient performance is not affected by the climate.

  • Integrated design of air conditioning and heat pump ,saves construction space.

  • The service life can reach 15 years.

  • Intelligent cooling and heating management system.

  • Energy saving, high economic efficiency..

  • Multi use, with functions of :
    1. Cooling only or provide hot water while cooling;
    2. Heating only or provide hot water while heating;
    3. Provide hot water only.

  • High temperature water production is available, which can reach 75~100℃.

  • Air source green technology and waste energy recovery, comprehensive COP can reach 5.5~7.0.

  • Minimum operation temperature is -20 ℃.

  • Patented product (patent No. ZL201020646476.X ).

  • Suitable for homes, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, swimming pools,baths, large-scale office buildings, etc. All need hot water and cooling,heating..

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