Rooftop Packaged Unit

20-110 TR 70-180 KW

HiCoolac Rooftop Packaged Unit - Not only the best rooftop solution for your needs,it also provides viable and economical air conditioning solutions for shopping malls, hotels, factories, libraries and so on.

    ▪ As a manufacturer that owns themature production technology of Rooftop Packaged Unit.With the unique modular design,HiCoolac's rooftop unit system can be customized according to your building.

    ▪ Combines rooftop unit's  features of  low cost installation , small floor space, centralized cooling and heating, efficient operation and low maintenance costs.Provides a comfortable environment for the indoor with superior energy efficiency.

    ▪ At the same time, customers can maximize save investment and maintenance costs through flexible design and efficient- reliable performance.It is the ideal solution for your construction project.

  • Working Principle
  • Product Features
  • Product Advantage
  • Application range
  • The Rooftop Packaged Unit is an air-cooled direct evaporative expansion air-conditioning equipment. The cooling, heating, humidification, air supply, air purification, electrical control and other components are all assembled in the unit's interior. It is an integrated whole air conditioning unit with condensation section, evaporation section and control.

  • It is packaged air conditioner which integrates condensing part, evaporating part & control part into a whole unit, firstly promoted & applied in South America, North Europe & Australia.

  • It is air cooled direct evaporation & expansion air conditioner, has no need on cooling water & chilled water system, dispenses with cooling tower/cooling water pump/chilled water pump, relative pipe work, electric control & terminal equipments, saves user investment.

  • It integrates evaporating part & condensing part into a whole unit which is installed outside to save indoor space, user will only need to install the duct, no need to connect refrigerant pipe work, it works under intellectual control without special care.

  • Integral design, intelligent adjustment of regional temperature.

  • No need for water system and air conditioning terminal equipment, saving investment.

  • Energy recovery wheel for reduced energy costs.

  • The heat exchanger uses high corrosion resistant alloy (golden colour),the service life is more than 20 years.

  • Using high insulation level compressors to ensure that the compressors work normally under high temperature conditions.

  • Using the condensing system's high pressure unloading technology to keep the condensing temperature and condensing pressure stable.

  • It is mainly applied to factories, schools, auditoriums, warehouses, etc.

  • Especially suitable for water shortage areas.

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