Variable Frequency Air Cooling Module Unit

20-110 TR 70-180 KW

HiCoolac air cooled chillers provide high quality, operation efficiency, and energy saving under harsh conditions around the world. Various applications are possible including air conditioning applications, industry cooling, and scale district cool(heat) source systems.

    ▪ Since 2013, based on the market demand, we have upgraded the frequency conversion technology on the basis of modular air cooled chiller unit. And successfully developed variable frequency air cooling module unit. With its stable and efficient performance,the first trial production units were immediately applied to Hong Kong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and passed tests and acceptance. At the same time,since 2012, variable frequency air cooling module unit has been promoted and started to be sold in South America, Europe and other places, gaining market recognition.

    ▪ The newly developed variable frequency air cooling module unit not only has the advantages of modular air cooled chiller unit, but also has a wider range of application and higher control accuracy.

  • Working Principle
  • Product Features
  • Product Advantage
  • Application range
  • It is air cooled direct evaporation&expansion air conditioner,has no need on cooling water,dispenses with cooling tower /cooling water pump.

  • It can combine with fan coil,floor standing/ceiling type air handler,or fresh air units to form a semi-central air conditioner system.

  • It  can be configured to have heat recovery funtion,muti-purpose units can save investment. Modular design, through the terminal intelligent automatic operation of all units.

  • Air to water air conditioning system saves investment.

  • Compared with traditional water cooled central air conditioner, air to water system does not need the whole cooling water system, nor the special machine room, can save building space greatly, save civil engineering expenditure, reduce the total project investment. Classical design, easy application.

  • Modular air cooled chiller units adopt widely acceptable modular structure design, customers can combine multiple modules to run according to different working conditions, so that the system will have high efficiency no matter under full load or partial load, meanwhile, multiple modular units can start hierarchically without big initial current shock. Balanced load.

  • Every module has load balance function, the units can automatically select running multiple modules or running alternately, so that the total operation life & system reserve can be improved greatly. Excellent performance, stable & reliable quality.

  • The unit adopts world famous brand scroll compressor, configured with high efficiency low noise vibration absorption fan special for air conditioner, running smoothly & silently. Water side shell and tube heat exchanger has high efficiency, good freezing-proof protection, not easy to be blocked, but easy to clean. The units all have passed strict performance matching test to insure good stability & reliability. Innovative application of frequency conversion technology.

  • Change the cooling (heating) capacity with the load. When the load is high,the unit can operate at high frequency and can reach the set temperature quickly; at low load, the unit can run at low frequency, and the cooling (heating) capacity always tracks the load change. Therefore, the control accuracy is higher and the application range is wider..

  • Modular design, frequency conversion system technology, can run efficiently in various loads.

  • Module rotation function, improve service life and system standby.

  • High-efficiency compressors and new heat exchangers for reliable and stable performance.

  • Instantaneous high-frequency startup technology, instantly realizing 100% power output.

  • Self-control power saving technology, new model of system energy-saving operation..

  • Meets all kinds of industrial & commercial requirements, especially applicable to villas, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, places of entertainment, restaurants, etc..

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