Water Source Heat Pump(Horizontal)

1-17TR 3-60 KW

As a new type of economical, energy-saving and environmental protection water cooled air-conditioning system, it has been widely used and developed in the world and has broad application prospects.

    ▪ Intelligent temperature control system, accurate to ±0.5°C comfort, adapts to new requirements of high quality, high comfort in different space

    ▪ Intelligent wind control system, the air volume rapidly changes with the indoor temperature, ensuring comfortable air flow and optimal temperature for different active spaces High-efficiency and reliable high-pressure scroll compressor and optimized system design to achieve excellent cooling and heating effects;

    ▪ Use R407C/R410A environmental protection refrigerant to create a low-carbon air-conditioning environment
    ▪ The ceiling-type concealed installation greatly improves the space utilization, free, beautiful, comfortable and grade coexist, and life is more quality.

  • Working Principle
  • Product Features
  • Product Advantage
  • Application range
  • An application of a small water/air heat pump unit.

  • The direct evaporative refrigeration equipment with the main feature of centralized cooling and dispersion refrigeration (heating) that connects many units through a water loop.

  • Combines the technical advantages of both traditional central air conditioning and home air conditioning..

  • This unit has higher efficiency than air cooled heat pump. Comparing with traditional central air conditioners, this unit does not need special machine room or big air duct.

  • Simple design and installation,intelligent temperature control,user can select cooling or heating according to differen application condition
    It can connect to user's independent electric meter, convenient for separate calculation of electric charges, help to avoid conflict.

  • The system can introduce fresh air and improve indoor air quality..

  • Can be used for commercial/household unit .

  • Easy installation, low cost installation and maintenance.

  • Superior indoor air quality and quiet operation
    Comfortable, efficient and energy-saving with frequency conversion technology.(EER>4.2)
    European CE certification..

  • Widely applied to office buildings, apartments, hotels, banks, schools and gymnasiums etc..

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