Water Source/Ground Source Heat Pump Unit

20-110 TR 201-385 KW

Water Source/Ground Source Heat Pump Unit is a high-efficiency energy-saving air-conditioning device that utilizes shallow geothermal resources (also referred to as ground energy, including groundwater, soil or surface water,seawater etc.) and is both cooling and heating.

    ▪ HiCoolac's Water Source/Ground Source Heat Pump Unit uses water source modular technology, the host exchanges heat through high-efficiency heat exchanger and intermediate medium circulating water. ▪ Replacing the original outdoor unit air-cooled heat exchange.Combining water source heat pump technology, modular control technology and R410A environmental protection refrigerants, it combines the technical advantages of air-cooled modular air-conditioning and water-cooled chillers.Thus, it is possible to utilize the heat energy of low-grade heat sources such as oceans, soils, industrial waste heat, and municipal sewage for cooling/heating, which greatly saves energy.

  • Working Principle
  • Product Features
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  • Application range
  • Utilize shallow geothermal energy, such as low thermal energy in soil, groundwater, or surface water (river, lake, sea)
    In the summer, the refrigerant evaporates and absorbs the heat in the room, releasing heat to the water in the closed circulation. Since the temperature of the water source is low, the heat can be efficiently removed.

  • In the winter, the refrigerant evaporates and absorbs the heat of the water in the closed circulation and supplies the room heat energy though air or water.

  • Utilize resources like lake water, river water, ground water and geothermal tail water.

  • Combine with Terminal equipment to form a semi-central air conditioning system, which has the advantages of flexible disposal, saving architecture space, it also can be turned on/off separately without influence on other rooms etc.

  • The unit can replace boiler room system for heating supply, no smoke exhaust pollution because of no burning process, no noise & mildew pollution because of no cooling tower, it is environmental friendly type central air conditional system..

  • Green air conditioner,using renewable energy utilization technology
    Alfa (Sweden) heat transfer technology,50% power saving,EER>5.0.

  • Packaged unit,save space.

  • European CE certification.

  • Patented design(patent No:ZL201220296928.5)

  • Widely applied to comfort central air conditioner system inpublic facilities, such as hotels, emporiums, office buildings, exhibition halls, air ports,gymnasiums, etc., it can also meet all kinds of requirements of electronic, pharmacy, biological,textile and other light industries, chemical, metallurgy, electric power or machinery industry..

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