Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooling Unit (Hybrid )

20-110 TR 70-180 KW

IDEC(Hybrid),the highest performing Hybrid Evaporative Cooling System in the world today.

    ▪ Our vision is to let the world maximize the use of sustainable natural resources within all cooling and energy recovery applications, therefore minimizing or removing the reliance on carbon depleting technologies for the benefit of the environment we live in and for our future generations.

    ▪ In dry and semi humid climates, stand alone IDEC  perform very well.

    However, in humid climates, the IDEC (Hybrid )cooling units can be complemented by a compressor refrigerant system to achieve the desired comfort conditions. This hybrid approach results in a great deal of energy saving over a stand-alone compressor based system and the whole system is controlled by the joint control system .

    ▪ Traditionally, evaporative cooling systems design and the results thereof have been uncertain and have therefore restricted the adoption of this low energy cooling technology.

    ▪ For the first time, Den, our unique performance predicting software enables engineers to professionally ▪ design evaporative cooling systems with complete confidence and certainty.

    ▪ We are able to consider any project, anywhere in the world, to determine project requirements and accurately predict system performance, energy consumption and the subsequent energy savings the FAO2 system will deliver.  This opens up the possibilities for millions of people around the world, as they can now enjoy the benefits of evaporative cooling which hasn’t been previously available to them.

  • Working Principle
  • Product Features
  • Product Advantage
  • Application range
  • Around the world where evaporative cooling has been limited, FAO₂ hybrid systems incorporate traditional refrigerant or chilled water cooling coils to work in conjunction with one another and provide hybrid systems without compromise.

  • Combines two stage evaporative cooling system with an integrated compressor system. Utilizing HiCoolac’s unique joint control system,continuously adapting cooling strategy to run only the most efficient cooling systems for the ambient condition of the moment. Ensuring consistent performance, high efficiency and significant energy savings.

  • The combination of these innovations deliver the highest performing Hybrid Evaporative Cooling System in the world today..

  • The compressor system is added to IDEC ,with all the advantages of IDEC
    Combines two stage evaporative cooling system with an integrated compressor system to work in conjunction with one another and provide hybrid systems
    According to environmental requirements, through the automatic control system ,it can accurately predict system performance and energy consumption.

  • Outdoor applications for wider areas, and even for extreme environment with strict requirements.

  • It is energy saving air conditioner which applied in a wider environment..

  • Saving energy up to 50% by unique joint control system.

  • The supreme comfort with suitable humidity. IDEC mode can bring humidity when
    It’s dry, and compressor system can remove humidity when it’s wet. Conquering the most extreme environment and most strict requirements, with the
    Utmost Cooling and good energy consumption performance. Healthy free control of 100% fresh air, without extra cooling load.

  • Super wide application, for both indoor and outdoor.

  • Hybrid IDEC was tested in the biggest AC Lab of ASHRAE in USA
    Patented product(patent No.ZL 2013 1 0411456.2)
    All our IDEC(Hybrid) have passed series of strict test to pass international standards,ETL certification for USA and SASO certification for the Saudi. Partner with a lot of industry leaders,Saudi Environmental Works Limited.,Aspire Committee ..

  • In some cities by the sea in Middle East, the humidity goes up on the morning and in the evening, and humidity is low in the day and night.

  • In some tropical areas including India, South Africa and other African countries, Australia, and some areas Brazil, Mexico and USA, who have Tropical Savanna Climate, with clearly different dry season and monsoon in summer.

  • In most of the Temperate Continental Climate, including Eurasia and the American Continent, there’s limit rain drops every summer, and the climate is relatively dry, say Southern Russia, Northern China, Northwest USA, Southern Canada, etc..

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