Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooling Unit

20-110 TR 70-180 KW

Two-stage evaporation system of IDEC, the world's highest performance evaporation system in the 21st century

    ▪ Our vision is to let the world maximize the use of sustainable natural resources within all cooling and energy recovery applications, therefore minimizing or removing the reliance on carbon depleting technologies for the benefit of the environment we live in and for our future generations.

    ▪ In the 21st century,HiCoolac utilized two-stage unique combination of indirect/direct evaporative cooling (IDEC).

    ▪ Our IDEC unit includes first stage indirect heat exchanger and second stage direct evaporative cooling.

    ▪ HiCoolac making it push the boundaries to create the most advanced two stages indirect / direct (IDEC) air conditioners and deliver 100% fresh air cooling.

    ▪ This indirect and direct combination, we can achieve the most practical and highest performance evaporative cooling system.

  • Working Principle
  • Product Features
  • Product Advantage
  • Application range
  • During the first stage, the primary outdoor air is blown through a highly effective chilled water heat exchanger without adding moisture, this is the indirect evaporative cooling stage.

  • During the second stage, the pre-cooled air is then blown through a water saturated media and cooled further by evaporation,this is the direct evaporative cooling stage . The combination of these two stages delivers the highest performing evaporative cooling system in the world today..

  • Patent design,excellent cooling effect
    This unit adopts honeycomb-type ripple fibre heat exchanger. Heat exchanger area is 100 times of suface area of heat exchanger, has wonderfull heat exchane efficiency; With innovative multistage cooling design, which can ensure temperature fifference between inlet air to reach 8~15℃.

  • Energy saving, environment protection and high efficiency without carbon emission
    Non-refrigerant air conditioner has no compressuer and coolant, no greenhouse effect, which can protect environment and save energy. It can save power 80% than traditional compressor air conditioner.

  • Nature fresh air, more comfortable
    The unit has full functions including fresh air, air exchanging and dedusting, which can keep the indoor air fresh and natural.

  • Stable performance, reliable quality
    Unit adopts full-automatic control, and it’s highly corrosion resisting and easy to clean. We have guarantee for the core parts for 5 years..

  • Significantly less energy use versus traditional air conditioning,up to 80% saving.

  • Accurately predict system performance and energy consumption.

  • Healthy free control of 100% fresh air, without extra cooling load.
    The supreme comfort with suitable humidity, IDEC mode can bring humidity when it's dry.

  • No refrigerant is used in our IDEC process, no pollution to air.

  • Advanced controls provide automated water quality management.

  • Patented product (patent No. ZL2010 2 0651062.6 )
    All our IDEC unit have passed series of strict test to pass international standards,ETL certification for USA and SASO certification for the Saudi. Partner with a lot of industry leaders,Saudi Environmental Works Limited.,Aspire Committee ..

  • 1.Having wide application range, can be used in all the place which need fresh air and cooling.

  • Haveing wide applicable range, can be used in all the places which need fresh air and cooling.FAO2 is consistent, efficient and effective in all conditions, all year round, making it suitable for many environments, including outdoor spaces, where FAO2’s unique system can bring temperatures down from 47 to 22 degrees celsius
    The unit is especially applicable for public places, like workshop, internet bar, sports room, theater, meeting room and so on, it’s also applicable for hotel and villa..

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