Water Source Heat Pump (Light -Humidity Control)

1-17TR 3-60 KW

The beginning of HiCoolac intelligent climate control

    ▪ In April 2015, the latest developed water source heat pump (light -humidity control) entered into Holland market.Started large-scale application of indoor flowers and fruits and vegetables.

    ▪ Not only in the greenhouse industry, our Water Source Heat Pump (Light -Humidity Control) are being accepted by more and more families in Europe now , creating the most comfortable home environment for each family

    ▪ It is not only designed for the gardening industry (greenhouse industry) and "urban greening" enthusiasts.

    ▪ The climate system allows people to enjoy the ideal climate at home, business buildings, yachts or outdoor.

    ▪ Controls the air humidity and temperature to obtain the best living environment for the interior and allows people to create an ideal living environment under extremely harsh conditions.

    ▪ Through HiCoolac high precision light- humidity and temperature control sensor, we can know the indoor temperature, humidity and luminosity in real time

    ▪ With the climate system you can achieve the desired climate at any time of the time.

  • Working Principle
  • Product Features
  • Product Advantage
  • Application range
  • All in one system.

  • By adopting an independently developed light-humidity climate control system, the unit can automatically control the cooling, heating, dehumidification mode, circulating and filtering the air to efficiently control.

  • Effectively control and maintain the customer's desired room temperature and humidity, so that the indoor can maintain the best climate suitable for plant growth or human comfort.

  • And through the energy-adjusting device, the system can provide free hot water while cooling (45℃).

  • It has all the advantages of water source heat pump
    Fully automatic climate management system because of light-humidity,temperature sensor
    Perfect climate control in summer and winter; temperature outside has no influence anymore
    Cooling, heating, dehumidification , circulating and filtering the air,all mode in one system
    You can add the function of pre-heating and slow cooling, decide the most suitable environment according to your situation, and make your environment more accurate.

  • Offers all the benefits you need to let your plants flourish as never before

  • Intelligent light control system, which determines the operation of cooling, heating or dehumidification according to the intensity of light, temperature and humidity.

  • The system can provide free hot water while cooling(45℃)
    Alfa (Sweden) heat transfer technology,40% power saving(EER>4.5)
    Most silent system,It is the quietest water-cooled air conditioning of its kind
    Perfect climate,It assures an optimal climate in your grow area
    Realises a homogenous distribution and a constant value of CO2
    European CE certification.

  • Patented product(patent No.ZL201510431905.9)

  • Greenhouse industry, horticulture industry, urban greening industry, offices, apartments, yachts, and other areas that need to control light, humidity and temperature.

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